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Saint Simon Parish School, a private elementary and middle school in California.

The Challenge

Need for 100% staff and parental document compliance.

The Solution

Saint Simon Parish School chose ComplianceBridge TotalCompliance® because the system provides secure document management to select organizations, automatic reminders, emailing and texting notifications, creation of surveys, and more than 30 fields for management syncing with the existing student and staff information system, PowerSchool.

ComplianceBridge TotalCompliance met Saint Simon’s needs with the system’s ability to target documents to a select group or organization, revise last year’s documents to this year’s with minimal work, and debug issues that arise through the comprehensive activity log.

Saint Simon uses the questionnaire feature to survey parents with pre-seeded data from previous answers as well as requiring explanations based on their response.

The Results

Saint Simon relies on the TotalCompliance, the best document management software, to deliver all school and staff documents to the appropriate receivers and send out automated reminders without having to do the work of reminding parents and staff to get forms signed and returned.

Using ComplianceBridge to deliver all school start up forms, field trip permission forms, and activity questionnaires means no paperwork management, no lost forms, 100% document compliance by the due date, and quick tallying of results through ComplianceBridge reporting.

Using ComplianceBridge for about five years has resulted in a completely paperless office. From a compliance standpoint, Saint Simon has learned that there is no form they used to send home to parents that cannot be better delivered through TotalCompliance.

They have also learned that it is more efficient to communicate their monthly OSHA documents to staff via ComplianceBridge , rather than trying to get 100% attendance at a “normal” meeting.


The St. Simon Parish School began using ComplianceBridge in 2009 as our document delivery tool.

Instead of wasting time chasing paper, this on-line solution is used to process school start-up documents, field trip permission, sports sign-up, syllabus adherence, re-registration confirmation, etc. It’s the best document management software.

Because of ComplianceBridge, we no longer send any paper forms home. Scheduled reminders help us attain 100% compliance on all forms with no office or teacher time spent finding/filing these forms.  We have a 99% track record of school startup form compliance before school even starts!

Setting up a hierarchical organizational structure at our school means that document delivery and emailing can be handled within each organization. Each group has managers in charge of the documents for delivery, reference and emailing. Each year, the manager can resurrect the documents, peruse prior emails for reference.

Nightly demographic data synching with Powerschool mean that documents are personalized, allowing parents to confirm their demographic data.

Our faculty have appreciated on-line document delivery to complete school forms, and really enjoy complying electronically with monthly OSHA document reviews rather than having to attend a meeting to receive the information.

In addition to using its emailing capabilities, texting has proven valuable, used a couple times yearly for emergency drills or on the rare occasion a bus is late coming back from a field trip, or a sports practice is canceled/relocated.

The Activity Log is a very helpful window into what’s going on daily with ComplianceBridge, and a good point of reference if ever there’s a problem. If ever a parent questions a form, there’s electronic proof of what they said & when they said it.

Support from ComplianceBridge is excellent, and very quick though rarely needed. Since 2009, we don’t remember a time when ComplianceBridge was down/unavailable.

Benefits of choosing ComplianceBridge

  • Extremely efficient office
  • Parents and staff no longer complain about not seeing forms by the due date.
  • Issues and questions are always quickly resolved.
  • Enhancement requests are met with more consideration than other software vendors.
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