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K-12 Education

Efficient, cost-effective education procedure software

Schools have substantial turnover in students and parents every year. Throughout the school year, documents and forms often must be distributed to target audiences for review and signature. Tracking these documents on paper is a nightmare and highly inefficient. Tracking them through email and spreadsheets is not much better. Procedure software greatly simplifies the process for everyone.

Policy and procedure compliance

Documents requiring parental signature are tightly controlled and easily monitored for 100% compliance. Schools cannot operate properly without authorizations for medical consent to treat, handbook agreement, field trip consent, sports signup, classroom assignment agreement, registration commitment and activity permission.

With TotalCompliance, documents are instantly distributed to targeted groups, which may include students, multiple parent/guardians and staff. Parents can sign documents digitally, eliminating paper distribution, collection and filing. Real-time reporting makes it simple for staff to identify non-compliance, quickly follow up, and escalate to attain 100% compliance.

Notification and Survey Distribution

Informational messages can be sent via email or text by school, class, grade, sport or other criteria. Schools easily get the word out about upcoming events, schedule changes and emergencies.

Parent and student information is collected and updated online. Changes in contact information like phone number or email address are quickly made. Demographic questionnaires are quickly built and distributed to learn more about the student body.

K-12 Case Study

Saint Simon Parish School routinely communicates with students, staff and parents with notifications, surveys and automatic reminders. They deliver school start up forms, field trip permission forms, and activity questionnaires directly from TotalCompliance. Surveys are pre-seeded with data from previous surveys and set to require additional detail based on responses.Ā Read the Case Study.

ComplianceBridge has eliminated thousands upon thousands of pages of paper. Using ComplianceBridge for our annual Enrollment and Re-registration process saves us thousands of dollars in postage, printing, and man-power expenditures -- and this is just one of the many annual tasks that we use ComplianceBridge for.

Principal, St. Simon School

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